How to unlock the side quest at Seaweed Harbour in OlliOlli World

Hit muscle beach.

Screenshot by Gamepur

OlliOlli World is full of little secrets for you to uncover. One of these is a fun side quest that’s unlocked while skating through Seaweed Harbour. Of course, this is an optional area that only opens after you do the Gnarly Route in Lobster Lanes. Once you’ve done that, you can head to the Harbour and follow our tips to meet up with Roy and kick off Leg Day.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Just after the first checkpoint, you’ll be able to switch lanes. You might expect that, since this is a somewhat secret side quest, you need to switch to the Gnarly Route. However, you actually want to stick to the normal line for this one. After you jump over a few pits, Roy, the muscle-bound seagull, will stop you for a chat. Talk to him, and you’ll unlock his side quest.

Roy’s Leg Day quest will task you with breaking several inflatable cats along a course. To complete this one, you’re going to need to push pretty much constantly. Just hammer on that A button (X on PlayStation, B on Switch) and try to come off each ramp at its apex. With enough speed, you should get through this quest and unlock Roy’s skate deck.