How to improve a hero’s mood in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Some heroes can become a little under the weather.

Image via Sony Pictures

All of your heroes in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero have a particular mood. If they’re not in a good mood, they will refuse to conduct any of the commission duties you assign them. They need to have a full, good mood to take part in any commissions and complete the task for you. Once they’ve completed the task, their mood goes down to zero. The only way to improve a hero’s mood is to assign them a spot in your dorm.

You can access your dorm by clicking on the main screen, and there should be a tab to visit your dorm on the left side. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to your section of the school, where you can assign four heroes to a single room. The heroes in that room will gradually recover their mood. You need a hero to have their mood reach 100 before conducting another commission.

You can rotate the heroes out of the dorm room at will. By click on the room, you can swap out heroes who have 100 mood with those that have zero. Additionally, you can purchase more dorm rooms by using furniture currency. You can earn this currency every day by completing daily dorm activities and completing dorm achievements. Alternatively, you can purchase furniture to improve a room’s aesthetic, ensuring your heroes regain their mood much more quickly.