How to increase bond with your party members in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Be friendly to your allies.

After Kasuga, Adachi, and Nanba visit the Survive bar for the first time in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you unlock the chance to create a bond with your party members and discover drink links. A character’s drink link details the back story and gives you the chance to learn more about your party members when visiting Survive. However, before you can unlock additional drink links, you need to increase your bond with that character.

A quick way to increase the bond with a party member is to fight alongside them. You want to make sure they’re in your party, fighting alongside Kusaga and spending them together. Everyone in Kasuga’s active party who fights will increase their bond so that you can do it with multiple characters simultaneously.

As you’re walking throughout the world, there might be opportunities where your party members wish to speak with you. You’ll see a speech bubble above their head, and they’ll talk to you when this occurs. Taking the time to listen to their full conversation and focusing on it increases their bond the most.

Another way to increase the bond is to visit restaurants with your party members and order the correct food selection. What type of food varies on the location you visit, so you need to try more and more food types to eat with them. The more options you try on the menu, the more chances you have to find out what everyone likes and how to increase their bond.

Once you reach the maximum level of bond, head back to the Survive bar to share a drink with that party member. They’ll have something to talk to you about, building up their drink link, giving you a chance to increase their bond to the next level.