How to increase comfort in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Creating the perfect dinosaur enclosure.

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Each dinosaur has unique environmental requirements in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Some prefer having others of its species around them, in an open space, or surrounded by trees and vegetation. It all depends on the dinosaurs you bring to your enclosures. You’ll need to address these comforts whenever a new dinosaur is added to an enclosure. Here’s what you need to know to increase dinosaur comfort and give them the best habitat in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

When a new dinosaur enters an enclosure, you’ll want to assign a Ranger team from a Response Facility. From there, you can take control of a Ranger team and drive them over to the dinosaur’s enclosure, getting close enough to examine them. You’ll need to use the binocular equipment by clicking the R button on your keyboard and scanning them when you get in range.

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By scanning a dinosaur, you can now receive a full breakdown of their environment preferences to give the maximum amount of comfort. To review these, left-click on the scanned dinosaur, and click the Cloud icon, which will take you to the Comfort tab. You’ll see a breakdown of the dinosaur’s territory and environmental needs.

The territory needs detail if a dinosaur can have cohabitation with other dinosaurs not of its species, how big of an area it needs for its enclosure, and how many dinosaurs of the same species it needs. For example, for the Carnotaurs, it cannot be placed with other dinosaurs, it needs a medium enclosure, and it needs to be placed with at least one other dinosaur of its species.

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Below the territory needs are the environmental needs. You can see how much water they need, the type of ground they prefer, their food, and how much open space they require. For example, the Carnotaurus need a little bit of water, they prefer walking on sand, at least one active prey, and a good amount of open space. You can directly modify the enclosure’s environment by clicking the Edit Environment button at the bottom of this notification window.

After clicking the Edit Environment button, you can modify your dinosaur’s enclosure to adjust the comfort level. The blue diamonds detail where you can find all of that dinosaur’s preferences to change the environment properly. Then you’ll see the Environmental Needs bar to adjust up to their desired percentages. The overall dinosaur’s comfort level won’t adjust until you unpause the game. After you’re satisfied with the environment, you can tend to other tasks around your facility and have your Ranger team modify the dinosaur enclosure periodically.