How to increase confidence in Endzone: A World Apart

Increase your settler’s confidence in your leadership.

The confidence your settles have with you in Endzone – A World Apart is important because it increases their desire to work, repopulate your city, and not cause any trouble. The lower your settlers’ confidence, the fewer children you’ll have running around, and more adults will be committing crimes. It can be difficult to increase your settlement’s overall confidence, but you can do a few minor things to ensure everyone gets along.

Food, water, radiation protection, and medication

These are the basic needs of your settlement. You want to make sure they have a surplus of food and water throughout the year. When they have a surplus, they don’t have to worry about droughts, and you can do this by making sure you have settlers who are hunting or have them working in a pasture to harvest milk, eggs, or meat from any animals your hunters have captured. By having multiple food sources, you can prepare for various seasons that roll through your settlement.

Your citizens also need radiation protection and medication. If a sickness spreads through your settlement, you want to handle it as quickly as possible, and having a surplus of medication makes that easier. When too many of your settlers fall ill, their overall confidence sharply declines, making other facets of work extremely difficult to manage.

Housing and shelter

Your settlers and their children need a place to live. When you’re first starting, it’s important to utilize cabins because they’re cheap and easy to manage. Further down the line, you want to set up shelters to house the many citizens in your settlement, and the more you have, the happier everyone can be.

It’s also important to try and space these locations out. They can stay close together, in small segments, but squeezing them too closely means they’re likely to have less attractive surroundings. Increasing these surroundings goes into our next topic.


The decorations of your settlement might seem a bit trivial, but they’re important to ensure your citizens enjoy the sights around your growing city. You want to spread these out and cluster them closer to the cabins and shelters. These increase the overall aesthetic of your settlement, making it a more appealing experience for your settlers. It’s an inconsequential concept, but to maintain higher confidence, it’s an essential decision to add alongside your roads.

Community buildings

The community buildings are another important part of your settlement. These include the schools, campfires, pubs, and forum buildings for your settlers to express themselves directly to you. With the forum, you’ll want to utilize this to reach the citizens and issue decrees on how you wish to run things, such as rationing food and water, issuing birth control, searching for survivors, and much more. The pub is good for your citizens to blow off a little steam during the end of the world.

You want to maintain a healthy mix of all these buildings to ensure your citizens are taken care of while they live with you and work within your settlement. It might be the end of the world, but it doesn’t have to be all that bad.