How to increase faction influence in a territory in New World

Dominate territory capture in New World.

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When an enemy faction controls a territory in New World, any of the other two opposing factions have the opportunity to flip that region and bring it over to their side. To do this, you’ll need to increase your faction’s territory, and there’s only one way you’ll be able to do that. This guide will break down how you are growing your faction’s influence in New World works. We highly recommend players party up with multiple other players on their side and prepare for heavy combat for this activity.

The only way you increase your faction’s influence in a territory that you want to attempt to control and declare war on is to toggle the PvP mode. You can only do this from a sanctuary area, which includes the settlements and fast travel locations. While flagged for PvP, you then have to ask your faction’s recruiter to accept PvP missions. These choices are the bottom choices underneath the PvE missions. These missions vary for each region, but they are the same every time, giving you a specific loop you have to repeat.

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While completing these missions, you cannot flag down for PvP or attempt to fast travel. This is because these missions prevent you from fast traveling, and if you flag down, you will lose these missions. You also lose them if you die outside of a settlement. You can pick them up when you revive, but no matter your progress on them, you’ll have to start over.

You can expect enemy factions to also be PvP in the area, attempting to prevent you from completing these missions. You want to make sure you’re rolling around in a sizeable group to protect yourselves while you’re doing this. Once your faction’s influence reaches 100% in a territory, any company that contributed enough to increasing its influence will be able to declare war.