How to increase GM level in NBA Ball Stars

Do you need to grind?

The mobile game NBA Ball Stars offers players a chance to build and manage an NBA team and go through and play the final minutes of each game in a much different manner than you might expect. In NBA Ball Stars, players can configure their team formation in several ways and participate in Versus action. However, you’ll need to level up to a certain level to access certain features, and here’s how you can do just that.

To increase your GM level, you’ll need to acquire GM XP. GM XP is experience that can increase the GM level in NBA Ball Stars.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Acquiring GM XP in NBA Ball Stars is actually pretty simple and straightforward. Play through games, and you should be able to receive GM XP upon completion of games.

Screenshot from Gamepur

To check to see if you can get GM XP after completing a game, check the rewards on the bottom of the Play start screen before getting into the action.

Leveling up is pretty important in NBA Ball Stars. As we mentioned previously, you won’t have access to certain features until a certain GM level is attained. So, make sure to grind as much as you can in season action before migrating to other things in Ball Stars.