How to increase My Ballplayer attributes in MLB The Show 21

There are a lot of ways to affect your player’s attributes.

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When you create your ballplayer in MLB The Show 21, they will not be ready for the big leagues. You will need to start up their journey by playing Road to the Show and make them the best player they can be. Whether they are a pitcher, position player, or two-way player, you will have a long road ahead of you with many trials and challenges along the way. Here is how to increase the attributes on your ballplayer in MLB The Show 21.

When you make your ballplayer in MLB The Show 21, you are making a character that will be used in both Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. As that player gets better, they will hold onto that skill between game modes.


Loadouts are a new feature added in MLB The Show 21 that will significantly help you perform better on the field. First, the perk system will contain various archetypes that will determine where your player will most succeed in games. You can unlock higher grade perks by either earning them in card packs or buying them on the marketplace in Diamond Dynasty.

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To the right of the perk section is various equipment pieces that also can be earned in card packs or on the marketplace. Whatever you have selected in these sections will be worn in games by your player when choosing that loadout. Like the perks, equipment will give a nice boost to various attributes when equipped.

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Road to the Show

The best way to upgrade your base attributes for your ballplayer is to play games. In Road to the Show, you will control every situation where your player is involved in a play and will gain slight advancements depending on your performance. If you do something good, like make great contact with a pitch, you will see a green plus showing that attribute has slightly increased. If you do something bad, like swinging at a pitch that would be a ball, you will receive an orange minus to a stat. At the end of the game, you will see a screen that gives an overall look at how your attributes were affected that game.

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Also, occasionally throughout a game, you may be given a challenge. If you succeed in one of the areas asked of you, you will get a small bonus to those areas affected.

Relationships with your teammates also impact your attributes. The more you play with other players on the field (and succeed in making plays), the more your relationship will strengthen with them. A better relationship will give you small bonuses for various aspects of the game.

It is important that you continually play through your games. Simulated games do not have any effect on your player’s attributes, so don’t waste your time with it. On off days, you will be given a choice to boost one or two attributes via some workouts. Some of these choices will have you play a short mini-game, while others will automatically give you a boost.

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The last important factor for attribute gains in Road to the Show is performing well during double performance boosts. Every now and then, your manager or another coach will talk with either you or the team about an area of the game they want to focus on. For the next few games, you will receive double the gains in those areas.