How to increase your inventory space in Windbound

You need more hands.

Image via 5 Lives Studios

Your inventory is limited in Windbound. You can only carry a handful of things before it becomes too much for Kara. That can be troublesome in a game where items have durability, and the food degrades over time. To increase your inventory space, you need to learn how to craft a bag and even create containers on your boat.

Craft a Bag

The first bag you learn to craft is a palm bag. It only requires two different resources: Five palm fronds and two grass rope. You can make the grass rope pretty quickly by combining to thick grass resources together. The palm frond is a bit more challenging to find. It’s a small bush that you can find on most islands, but on the ones with green grass. Once you have enough, go to your crafting inventory, and you can make it. The palm bag gives you a full bar of inventory space to fill to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, you can only carry one bag on Kora at a time.

Ship container 

Your ship can also hold a container. These containers vary in size and quantity. The first container your vessel can have is a grass basket, and all you need is four thick grass pieces in your inventory. After that, and you have a grass canoe nearby, you can place it on your ship to keep items you don’t need to have on Kora. It only contains three, but you can learn about recipes to gain even more space in the future.