How to increase your maximum Item Burden in Demon’s Souls

Roll faster with these rings.

Equipment burden is an incredibly important mechanic in Demon’s Souls. Too much item burden can cause your character to roll slower, thus decreasing the number of invincibility frames you get. The sweet spot is 50% or less maximum equipment burden. Unlike Dark Souls, there isn’t a benefit to being below 30%, so anything under 50% will give you maximum roll speed. There are two rings in the game that increase your equip weight by 50%, allowing you to wear heavier armor without the downside. This guide will show you how to acquire both of these rings.

Ring of Herculean Strength

This ring can be acquired early on if you know how to get it. You must first pick up the Jade Hair Ornament in World 1-1. To find this ring, start from the Archstone and head to the left up the stairs to climb the tower to the top. Once at the top, cut down the chain on the wall on the balcony. This will release a gate but also drop two bodies onto the ground. Head down and loot the body with the Jade Hair Ornament on it.

Teleport back to the Nexus and talk to Stockpile Thomas. He will tell you his story and hand over the Ring of Herculean in exchange for the Jade Hair Ornament.

Ring of Great Strength

This ring is much more dangerous to get while giving the same bonuses as the previous ring. It’s guarded by the Red Dragon that tournaments players that cross the bridge in Boletarian Palace. You can either kill the dragon by spamming arrows into it from a distance for an extended period. Or you can lure it to the bridge and run straight to its nest and pick up the ring. If you are skilled enough, you can get the ring while the dragon is still in its nest by dodging his tail swipes.