How to increase your stats and level up in Hellpoint

Make yourself stronger to survive the hellish landscape.

To become a stronger fighter and survive in Hellpoint, you need to increase your stats and improve your abilities to enhance your various attributes. There are eight to choose from, and you need Axions to level up. To use Axions to level your character, you need to find a breach. 

How to get Axions

You can find Axions all over Hellpoint. You can pick them up or earn them by taking down the foes you encounter along your journey. If you die, you lose any of the Axions you have on your character and return to the last breach you interacted with. You can find your Axions by returning to where you died and picking them up. Should you die a second time without recovering them, you lose that pile of Axions.

How to increase stats and level up

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Find one of the breaches you’ve discovered on your travels and interact with it. You want to go to the ‘infuse user’ option, and you will see the eight available stats you can increase, what bonuses you receive for choosing those, and how much it costs. Each level requires more Axions than the last one did. Here are the eight stats you can pick from:

  • Health: Increases your health points.
  • Stamina: Increases your stamina points.
  • Energy: Increases your energy points and your entropy defenses.
  • Load: Increases your load capacity and your induction defenses.
  • Strength: Increases the amount of damage you do with your heavy weapons.
  • Reflex: Increases the amount of damage you do with your fast weapons and your energy defenses.
  • Cognition: Increases the amount of damage you do with firearms
  • Foresight: Increases damage dealt using catalysts and your nihl defenses.

You want to pick the correct stats for the build you want to run in Hellpoint. For those who wish to heavy weapons, go with more strength. If you want to use a quicker, fast build, go with reflex. It all depends on your playstyle.