How to increase your stats in HuniePop 2 – Smoothie guide

The Smoothie game.

One of the new mechanics in HuniePop 2 is the ability to level up the impact that specific affection tokens will have. The higher level a particular type of token level is, the more affection points you get from it on dates, making getting high scores within the available move limits a lot easier.

To level up the different types of tokens, you need to use Smoothies. These can be purchase in the store and given to the characters to increase your level. Smoothies will cost Hunie Seeds, a currency that you earn from successful matches during dates. There are four different types of Hunie Seeds, and each one will have a different smoothie that you can buy for that type of Hunie Seed.

  • Talent
  • Flirtation
  • Romance
  • Sexuality

Like many other items in the game, Smoothies are non-date gifts, so they can be given to the characters outside of dates, the same as any other non-date gift in the game. Each time you give a character a Smoothie, it will cost them one stamina, so keep this in mind if you plan on dating any of them soon.

Giving a character a Smoothie will normally result in a single point of experience for that type of affection, but some girls prefer certain Smoothies, which will double the experience you can gain.

  • Talent – Brook, Lola, Zoey
  • Flirtation – Candy, Polly, Sarah
  • Romance – Jessie, Lailani, Nora
  • Sexuality – Abia, Ashley, Lillian

There are five levels for each type of Affection, and it will cost 6 experience to level up once in each one. The most cost-efficient way to do this is to always ensure you are giving the characters the type of Smoothie that they prefer.