How to infiltrate the staff area during the (In)Security mission in Dubai in Hitman 3

It’s blue collar work.

Hitman 3

During the (In)Security mission in Dubai, you will need to infiltrate the staff area. This means getting behind the bars and through the door that leads to the kitchen, freezer rooms, and staff changing areas.

This area will give you solid access to a number of potential assassination methods that will leave you free and clear because they can all look like accidents. There are a number of ways that you can do this, each of which will have differing levels of success.

Building Staff

Just inside the main atrium where you watch someone give a speech at the start of the game, you will find a bathroom. The bathroom contains one member of staff and one female occupant, both of which are easy to subdue if you are quick. You can then dump them in the stall and take the staff member’s outfit.

Penthouse Security Outift

If you are still wearing the assassin’s outfit from the Bird of Prey mission you can head back to the meeting room where you met Ingram, go through the staff only door there and you will find some penthouse security guards. Taking one of them out will get you a uniform that will allow you to go almost anywhere in the level. You won’t be able to go to the penthouse, as people will know you are not on the security team, however.

Regular Security – the best method

Finally, if you head to the right of the Atrium, then take the steps to the left of the Black and Gold bar, you will come to an alcove where you can take out a single guard. This is actually the best option for the (In)Security mission, as it will net you the exact uniform that you need to impersonate the new recruit.