How to install Coils and Weaves in Horizon Forbidden West

Upgrade your armor for the tough fights.

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If you want to keep up with the increasing difficulty of the world around you, you will want to upgrade your gear. Of course, you can always go to a workbench and upgrade your weapons and armor that way, but you can also use Coils and Weaves. Here is how you install Coils and Weaves in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to get Coils and Weaves

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You probably won’t come across your first Coil or Weave until after you reach Chainscrape. After you reach this section, you will be tasked with upgrading your gear before heading out and dealing with some Bristlebacks before meeting up with Erend. It is during this time that you will most likely get your first Coil or Weave. Both can be found by visiting merchants or by killing machines. Tougher machines will usually have higher rarity Coils and Weaves.

How to install Coils and Weaves

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Installing a Coil or a Weave isn’t extremely simple. Sometimes weapons or armor need to be upgraded before a Coil or Weave can be installed. Check the weapon or armor to make sure it has a free slot for a Coil or Weave to be installed. If there is a free slot, highlight the weapon or armor that you want to upgrade and press the square button. This will bring up the menu showing all the Coils or Weaves that you have collected that can be installed on the weapon or armor. Remember, Coils are for weapons and Weaves are for armor.