How to install Spanish and French languages to your PS5 games

Como estas?

Image via Sony

In North America, the standard language that is applied to the PS5 is English, so it can be quite frustrating for Spanish and French speakers to play the titles in their preferred way. Thankfully, for most games, there is a quick option to change it for multiple languages, not just French and Spanish. Here’s how you do it with both of these steps. Keep in mind, you sometimes only have to follow the second step.

Changing languages

  • Go to your preferred game on the main menu and press options
  • Select “Manage game content” and press X
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • From here, you can scroll down to your preferred language. For Fortnite, Spanish is the second language available while French is on the bottom. It isn’t in alphabetical order, so the list for each game may vary.
  • Once the highlight is over your preferred language, press right on the D-Pad to toggle over to the download symbol. Press X and it will then install it.
  • We wouldn’t recommend deleting the English language, as that is essential to some games.

How to change the console’s language

If you only do the first step, you’ll unfortunately still see the game in English. To change this, you’ll have to change the console’s language too. It’s easy if you follow these instructions:

Screenshot via Gamepur
  • Go to the gear symbol on the top right of the main menu. Press X.
  • Hover over to “System”
  • You should find Console Language already highlighted. Press X and switch it to whatever language you would like.