How to investigate the goblin presence in Percival Rackham’s Trial in Hogwart’s Legacy

What are you looking for in the goblin camp?

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Percival Rackham’s Trial is a main quest on Hogwarts Legacy. After meeting Professor Fig at the tower beyond the Forbidden Forest, you learn that the tower is riddled with goblins. This is bad news, but fortunately, you and Professor Fig are talented wizards, and these goblins should be no match for you if you deploy your spells smartly. Actually, finding what you’re looking for inside the goblin camp might be a bit trickier, though.

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How to cast Petrificus Totalus and defeat the goblins

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As you approach the tower, cast Disillusionment on yourself, then sneak into the goblin camp. Most of the goblins are standing apart from each other and facing away from you, so it’s pretty easy to sneak up on them. To cast Petrificus Totalus, you just have to sneak up close behind them while under the effects of Disillusionment and press Square/X. Petrificus Totalus doesn’t appear in your spell list like other spells. It’s more like a family-friendly stealth kill. It’s best to start on the right and work your way from right to left through the camp.

How to investigate the goblin presence

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After you’ve defeated all the goblins, your objective will still be to investigate the goblin presence, but it’s not obvious what this means. If you stand in the middle of the camp and cast Revelio, you’ll spot a few chests and bags, but none of these is your quest objective. The item you’re looking for is actually a note, but it’s quite small and tucked away. Find it inside the large tent on the southeast side of the camp. After you pick up the note and exit the tent, more goblins will spawn. You can’t sneak up on these ones, but you’ve got once you defeat them, you will have successfully investigated the goblin presence.