The best broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlocking the best Broom in the Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy will require dedication and diligent effort.

The Best Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

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While it is hard to outdo the glorious feeling of flying a Hippogriff across the Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy, riding the wide variety of stylish Brooms can offer a somewhat more authentic wizard- or witch-esque experience. Of course, not every Broom will suit every student’s fancy, but there is no arguing that the world is relatively generous with providing diversity when it comes to Broom riding. Nonetheless, Brooms, no matter the appearance, offer varying cosmetic appeals but do not alter the stats in speed or handling in any way. Despite this, there is a particular Broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy that many could consider the “best Broom of all.”

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How to unlock the Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Popping Balloons to Unlock the Best Broom in Hogwarts Legacy
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The best Broom in Hogwarts Legacy is the Bright Spark Broom, a beautiful piece of artisanship featuring a curved saddle for comfort and a fancy curved tip with two hanging stars. These stars emit a bright and attractive glow that is notably appealing to look at after nightfall. Of course, claiming that the Bright Spark Broom is “the best” is entirely subjective since all Broomsticks are equal. However, there is a characteristic that makes this particular Broom especially prestigious compared to other Brooms that you might find in Hogwarts Legacy.

This special characteristic is related to the procedure for unlocking the Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy. To acquire this Broomstick, you must find and pop every single giant Balloon across the entire world map. For reference, there are 32 groups of Balloons, with five in each cluster, totaling 160 Balloons. In one sitting, we have accomplished this rather daunting task and can report that the entire process of tracking down and bursting every Balloon will take at least 53 minutes. If you have fully upgraded your Broom with Albie, this endeavor might take slightly less time.

It is crucial to note that unlocking the “best” Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy is tied to two prerequisite quests: Madam Kogawa’s Assignments 1 and 2. These two side quests will spawn 20 of the 160 Balloons you encounter on your journey and will only appear if you have triggered the assignments. Based on our testing, you can initiate the second assignment after clearing the first by changing the time of day once via the in-game map. Of course, we are not suggesting you pop all the Balloons in one go, but the enchanting Bright Spark Broom, including three other Broomsticks, is undoubtedly an Exploration Challenge reward worth the effort.