How To Invite Friends in Division 2

Inviting your friends to join your game in The Division 2 is a little confusing. There’s no straightforward way to do it. You have to root around in the game’s menu for a little bit, and even then, you may not discover how to send the invite. We’re going to share how you send out invitations to your friends so that you can save D.C. with a reliable group of squadmates.

Getting The Party Started

Invite Your Friends in The Division 2

To get started you need to open up the game’s main menu. You’ll see various tabs listing social, progression, character, news, and settings. You want to open up the social menu, and you’re going to find a list of all of your friends on your friend list.

Going into the social menu takes you to the group management page. If you don’t have anyone in your session, you should only see your username at the top of the list, with three small “x’s” underneath it. Those “x’s” are available party member slots, meaning you can play The Division 2 with three other friends.

To invite them, you need to scroll down to the friends section of the group management page and click on your chosen friend’s name. Clicking on their name should highlight it, and you’ll see a small menu popping up on the right that lists off numerous things actions you can take, such as inspect, mute player, report player, and invite to group. You can also see if they’re doing a mission and what level their Division agent is.

On the right side, you want to click the invite to group menu option. Your friend should receive an invitation to join your party. If they’re going to join your game, they also need to go into their social menu. From there, they should see the invitation in their invites section, which is in the middle of the list. After they click this option, they should start loading into your session, and the two of you can begin working to drive the vicious gangs out of D.C. to save the city.