How to join a friend’s quest in Monster Hunter Rise

Work together in a friend’s quest to fight against fearsome creatures in Monster Hunter Rise.

Image via Capcom

You and your friends can jump into Monster Hunter Rise together to tackle some of the most formidable monsters. These fearsome creatures are powerful, so the more hunters you have working with you, the better. Before you set out on a quest, you want to make sure you and your friends join the same quest. In this guide, we’ll cover how to join a friend’s quest in Monster Hunter Rise.

Before joining a friend’s quest, make sure you’re both in the same lobby. You will need to join one another’s lobby by speaking with Senri the Mailman to create or join a lobby and then jumping into the game together. After you’ve done that, make your way to the Hub Quest area together.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You then need to jump onto the Quest Board. The Quest Board is to the right of Minoto the Hub Maiden. Click on the Quest Board, and if anyone hunter in your party already has a Hub Quest accepted from Minoto, you’ll see the quest on the Quest Board. Accept it, and the two of you will join in the same quest. You’ll want to do this for every Hub Quest you do together.

The mission will not start once everyone is on the quest. The quest only begins once everyone has readied up, which gives everyone enough time to prepare for the hunt by checking their equipment, items, and grabbing some Dango before starting.