How to join and leave a Guild in Guild Wars 2

Everyone needs a guild in Guild Wars 2.

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Guilds bring a social aspect to Guild Wars 2 that brings together people from around the world to unite towards common goals. The tricky thing is recruiting the right people or getting into a Guild that suits your needs and goals. This guide will show you how to join and leave a Guild as needed easily.

Joining a Guild

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To join a Guild, you’ll need to have received an invitation from someone from the Guild itself. There are many Guild advertisements broadcast in the main cities of the game, on highly populated maps, and particularly in Lion’s Arch itself. If you see one you like, you can always message the broadcaster and ask them for more information and relevant join prerequisites if there are any. For instance, some Guilds are only for Raids, which means that you’ll need to comply to certain strict Raid rules and prove your competence in them. Other Guilds are more social and don’t have any prerequisites beyond being a decent human being.

If you’re looking to add people to your own Guild or you’re working as a recruiter for a Guild for the first time, you’ll need to have them selected as a target and right-click on their character portrait to get the drop-down menu option of Guild Invite. You can also, or you can right-click on their name from your friends’ list, accessed by pressing the “Y” key and choose Guild Invite. You must have Admin rights in the Guild to invite.

The invited player will receive a prompt to join, and then it’s as simple as them receiving a rank and representing your Guild to have them start earning XP for you.

Leaving a Guild

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Sometimes Guilds die out, people leave or get busy, or the Guild is just not the right fit for you. It’s then time to leave, and fortunately leaving a Guild is simple.

All you need to do is make sure that your character is not representing the Guild you wish to leave. Once you’re no longer representing your Guild, you can choose the Leave Guild option under the list of Guilds available to you.

You can also disband a Guild as the founder of said Guild, but that is only possible if you are the only Guild member left on the Guild roster.