How to join the TennoCon 2022 Relay Experience in Warframe

Tenno, it’s time to wake up.

image via digital Extremes

Tennocon 2022 is upon us, and developers Digital Extremes will unveil the next chapter of Warframe. The Duviri Paradox, a new open-world experience, will have its first gameplay reveal during the annual show. Like last year’s event, Warframe players can join in on the festivities inside the game itself. This is how to join and participate in the Tennocon 2022 Relay experience in Warframe.

How to join the Tennocon 2022 Relay

To join the Warframe live event, you must ensure the game is fully updated to the latest version. It would be best to update the game as early as possible, as servers may hit some congestion while the event is live.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players must log in on July 16, a few minutes before the Tennolive 2022 Keynote begins. Access the Star chart and head to Earth using the navigation panel aboard your ship.

A special node for the Duviri Amphitheater will appear on this planet. Choose this node, then select a server from the drop-down list to load into the special Tennocon Relay. Once inside the relay, feel free to explore the environment. Once the show begins, you will lose the ability to run and jump. You will also remain in your Warframe without the ability to use Transference to swap to your Operator.

This node will open before the Tennolive 2022 keynote begins. This is the full Tennocon 2022 schedule of events. The event takes place on July 16. All times are in U.S. Central Time.

  • 11 AM CT: Tennocon Pre-Show
  • 11:30 AM CT: Welcome to Tennocon 2022
  • 12 PM CT: Sounds of the System Panel
  • 1 PM CT: Developer Q&A
  • 2 PM CT: The Art of Warframe
  • 3 PM CT: Community Art Show
  • 4 PM CT: Tennolive 2022 Keynote (live)

A special version of the Tennocon relay will be available for players who have purchased the Tennocon 2022 Digital Pack. This relay will feature Baro Ki’teer, a void trader with rare items and powerful mods. He will sell every rare item and primed mod he owns, so this is a crucial time to grab any upgrades you may have missed in his previous visits. This relay will remain open until July 23, at 10 AM CT.