How to Join the Wuthering Waves Second Closed Beta

The Wuthering Waves Second Closed Beta is fast approaching, and fans will want to get in on it to play and enjoy the title early.

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Open world, RPG, and gacha game fans are extremely excited for an upcoming game in the genre they love, Wuthering Waves. However, games take time to make, especially those with online elements, which is why joining the closed beta can be so fantastic.

Games such as Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, and Tower of Fantasy showed fans that a free-to-play title can be beautiful, bold, and more engrossing than a Triple-A game when done well. More developers are bringing games to this unique gacha-centric genre, and one of the most exciting is Wuthering Waves. Ahead of the game’s official release, players can get in on the Wuthering Waves closed beta, allowing them to experience the world and mechanics before the game’s release.

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How to Join the Wuthering Waves Second Closed Beta

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To join the Wuthering Waves Second Closed Beta, players must sign up through the official closed beta website and form. We completed this form as soon as it went live, and it’s worth noting that it’s quite long, so players should set aside ten minutes or so to work through it.

The form asks what sort of device players have to run the game, what other games they play, and for how long each week they play those games. These questions are meant to help the developer categorize each registrant so it can send out codes to the ideal ones.

These answers probably do impact a player’s chance of participating in the Wuthering Waves Second Closed Beta. However, it’s impossible to know what the developer wants to specifically test in this Second Closed Beta. It could be a certain type of device, a specific subset of players, or PRG fans only. With this in mind, there’s no way to know exactly which answers will give players the best chance of getting into the beta.

When Does the Wuthering Waves Second Closed Beta Start?

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It’s not known when the Wuthering Waves Second Closed Beta will start at the time of writing. However, if we had to guess, we’d say that it will be held in April 2024. There was a closed beta in April 2023, so it would make sense for the developer to hold another beta around a year later to see what the feedback on the game is with another year of development under its belt.

Any fan who wants to know more about Wuthering Waves ahead of the game’s release date should check out our pre-release hub. We’ve covered everything that’s worth knowing there, including the platforms the title will be coming to and how the gacha mechanics will function.