Wuthering Waves Release Date & Beta

Knowing the Wuthering Waves release date will allow Anime-style RPG fans to start getting excited abotu their latest obsession.

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Image via Guangzhou Kuro

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As the roster of RPGs using Anime-style art and storylines grows, fans are always looking for the next big hit. That’s why the Wuthering Waves release date is so important, because it could redefine the genre with its combat, character, and narrative offerings.

When it was first released in the West, Genshin Impact refined not only what a free-to-play game could be in terms of quality and scope but also what the open-world RPG genre could bring to players who have never dipped their toes into the genre. Now, as the Wuthering Waves release date and betas approach, players can barely wait to get their hands on the latest game, reaching for that style and seeking to capture a massive fan base with its clever storytelling and character styles.

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When is the Release Date for Wuthering Waves?

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Image via Guangzhou Kuro

At the time of writing, developer Guangzhou Kuro has yet to announce a Wuthering Waves release date. This likely means that the game is still a long way from being playable. However, the official website features regular news posts about the characters players will be able to unlock and use. These updates show that the game is in active development, so we’re hopeful for a release date in the not-too-distant future.

On January 17, 2024, the official Wuthering Waves Twitter account shared a post stating, “Prepare for the arrival tomorrow.” Fans lost their minds in the replies to this post because they had no idea what it was referring to.

On January 18, 2024, the announcement that Wuthering Waves Closed Beta 2 had opened for registration. While not the news fans were hoping for, it was still enough to drive even more excitement around the game and get everyone registering for a chance to play early.

Initially, Wuthering Waves was set to be released in November 2022. However, as that date passed, there was no mention of a delay or a new release date. It’s possible that this is down to a language barrier or translation, and the news was somehow missed. What we know for sure is that the game isn’t out and doesn’t look like it’ll be out anytime soon.

Something similar happened with the mobile, PC, and console release of Honkai: Star Rail. While the delays for that game were eventually clarified, there was a long period of time when no one knew when they’d get to play it. That’s without even mentioning the complete lack of information on Genshin Impact until it was released in the West.

Will There Be a Beta for Wuthering Waves?

Yes, the second beta for Wuthering Waves went live on February 19, 2024. This is a closed beta test that fans were required to register to take part in. We registered but weren’t invited to play, though hundreds of thousands of other players were.

At the time of writing, the close date for the game’s second closed beta hasn’t been announced. We will update this article as soon as we discover when this is, but the beta should be live for a few weeks at least.

Closed beta tests are only open to a select number of users. The best way to stay informed on any upcoming tests is to pre-register for Wuthering Waves on the game’s website ahead of its release date. This will ensure all beta news is sent out to those with a crippling need to play first.

We’d also recommend keeping an eye on the Wuthering Waves social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Subreddit, YouTube, and Discord to stay up to date with all information on the game and its betas.

How to Sign up for Wuthering Waves Closed Beta Test 2

To sign up for Wuthering Waves Closed Beta Test 2, players must register their interest through the official page on the game’s site. We did this on the day the beta was announced and were required to complete a lengthy form in which we were asked about the platforms we have, the types of games we play, and for how long we play each week.

The answers to these questions won’t necessarily impact a fan’s chances of getting into the beta. It depends on what the developer is trying to test this time around. If it wants as many players as possible, then as many keys as possible will be sent out. If, however, the developer wants to test a particular player set or device, it will shift more towards those who have registered with those details on the site.

Wuthering Waves Download Details

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Image via Guangzhou Kuro

The Wuthering Waves download link is only sent out to those who have registered and been accepted for one of the game’s closed betas. In the future, once the game has been officially released, anyone will be able to download it from the Google Play Store, App Store, or official website. At the time of writing, we don’t even know the release date, so it’s unlikely we’ll have a download link soon.

Explaining if There Will be a Wuthering Waves Closed Beta 3

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Image via Guangzhou Kuro

It’s unknown if there will be a Closed Beta 3 for Wuthering Waves at the time of writing. Given that the game is currently holding its second closed beta and the final release date hasn’t been confirmed, it’s possible that a third closed beta could be on the cards.

However, Wuthering Waves has been delayed without explanation before. This means that it may be released in 2024, but it could also very easily slip into 2025 if developer Guangzhou Kuro needs the extra time to perfect the title based on feedback from players.

Is Wuthering Waves a Gacha Game?

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Image via Guangzhou Kuro

Yes, Wuthering Waves is a gacha game. The system works exactly as it does in every other game in the genre. Players will open the menu and can spend both currency earned in-game and premium currency, which costs real world cash to purchase, on banners.

The banner system is simple to understand. Each banner has odds, giving players a chance at earning specific characters, items, or weapons. Some banners feature guaranteed odds if players buy 10 or 20 pulls, but not everyone will have the money to do that.

Based on our experience with gacha games such as Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact, it’s better to save in-game cash and spend enough to guarantee a character drop on a single banner. Once Wuthering Waves has been out long enough, players will have formed a tier list for which characters are the best, so it’ll be easy to know which banners to save up for.

Will Wuthering Waves be Free-to-Play?

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Image via Guangzhou Kuro

Yes, from what we can see from the Wuthering Waves website and the fact that it’s a game in the same vein as Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, it will be free-to-play. This style of gatcha game relies on pulling players in with an incredible story, world, hundreds of hours of content, and enjoyable game mechanics at no initial charge.

Players will begin to spend cash on the title once they want to unlock specific characters. This is the gatcha element of all games in this style. They offer rare characters for limited periods of time and charge users for a chance to unlock them. Often, the odds of getting each character are terrible, but that doesn’t stop fans from playing and spending money when they can.

What Platforms Will Wuthering Waves Be Available on?

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Image via Guangzhou Kuro

Wuthering Waves will be released for mobile devices using Android and iOS first. It’s possible that the game will eventually come to PC or launch simultaneously for it, like Tower of Fantasy’s Steam version, but we’ve seen no confirmation for that at the time of writing.

What is Wuthering Waves?

Wuthering Waves is an Anime-style RPG in the same genre as Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. Players are thrown into a world that was hit with an event known as “The Calament” over 100 years ago. It destroyed most of the lands as unknown forces arrived and started to wreak havoc wherever they found modern towns and cities.

When players get into the game, they’ll be living through a post-apocalyptic story that sees their heroes trying to help the survivors of The Calament attempting to restart their lives amid the alien forces still seeking to crush them.

Thankfully, the characters players get to unlock through Wuthering Waves’ gatcha mechanics have specialized abilities that make them incredibly dangerous. They can help anyone left alive because they’re able to take the brunt of any attack and push back against the impending doom that’s dominated for so long.