How to jump to the middle rope in WWE 2K23

Don’t go that high.

Image via 2K

As a simulation wrestling video game, WWE 2K23 has its quirks to say the least. Yes, a lot of the move mechanics are easy to understand, thanks to a button-mashing design that allows users to easily generate offense with either an Xbox or PlayStation controller. However, there are some more advanced maneuvers that need a bit more of a specific handle. One such move is how to jump to the middle rope, a key to performing certain strikes and Finishers in 2K23. So, how can you jump to the middle rope in WWE 2K23? Let’s go over what you need to know.

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Jump to the middle rope in WWE 2K23

In order to jump up to the middle rope in WWE 2K23, you’ll first need to head to a corner of the ring. Move the wrestler close to a corner, in order to start the motion.

From there, click RB (for Xbox) or R1 (PlayStation) in order to jump up to the middle rope. After that’s done, you can launch an attack with A/X on the Xbox family of consoles, or X/Square for PlayStation owners. Or, one can click RT/R2 + X/Square for a Signature that requires the use of the middle rope. Middle-rope based Finishers can be done with RT/R2 + A/X.

We should note that the usage of middle rope is actually pretty important for The Legacy portion of MyRise in WWE 2K23. Fictional former WWE Women’s champion Justine used a middle-rope finisher called the Justine Jammer in her arsenal of moves, and you will need to re-create her signature move at various points of the story. Thus, make sure to nail this mechanic in 2K23.