How to kill Abominations in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Such a cute puppy you have there.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Abomination is the latest Elite tiered enemy added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies alongside the release of Season 6 and the game’s final map, Forsaken. If you have played Call of Duty Zombies in the past, you will recognize that this being has relations to the Margwas that appeared in Black Ops III as part of the Apothican race, but since we are in a different reality, our cast of characters do not recognize them. If you go into a fight with one of these guys unprepared, they could easily take you out, so here are some tips on killing Abominations.


Screenshot by Gamepur

First, let’s make sure you are ready for the attacks the Abominations will use against you. It has two main attacks that you really need to look out for. First, it will likely charge at you. If it hits, it will make your screen go blurry momentarily. The other attack to watch out for is a beam attack. It will stand still and charge up some electricity that will blast out of and follow you. Luckily, it will stay motionless during this attack, so take cover.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike other Elite tier enemies in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, Abominations do not have a weakness against any special ammo type that you get from the Pack-a-Punch machine (at least we have not found any as of this writing. Will update if that is incorrect.) Instead, its big weakness will rely on you being patient and accurate with your shooting.

As the Abomination is chasing you, you will notice a purple glow emit from one of its three heads. You want to focus all of your fire on that head until it explodes. Every other part of the beast has a thick hide, so you will do minimum damage shooting into it in other places. Not only does this take away one of its beam attacks, but destroying all three heads will instantly kill the beast. When you destroy a head, it will emit a puff of black smoke that will obscure your next target, so just take cover until it dissipates.

That is how you want to take down Abominations. We recommend shotguns, especially the Gallo or Hauer, as the quickest way to eliminate the heads since other weapons will take many shots to destroy a head unless they are upgraded. While the Abomination has a zombie attached to its tail, we have not noticed that it is a weak point or has anything to do with its attacks. We will update this post if we find something on why that is there.