How to kill and summon Hunters in Maneater

A powerful shark calls for an equally deadly hunter to take it down.

Hunters in Maneater are elite shark hunters who respond to deadly sharks who don’t go down when the routine bounty hunters go after them. These elite Hunters contain a variety of helpful buffs and updates for you in Maneater, and fighting them is always a priority while you play through the game.

You will fight the Hunters in the order they are shown. You can find them on the infamy rank page, which is the skull and cross anchors in your menu. There are ten available, and each one becomes progressively more difficult to fight. To summon these Hunters you first need to attack humans and then attack the regular hunters that arrive to fight you. You will see the infamy level at the top right slowly begin to fill up, and when it does, the latest Hunter sent to fight you will arrive, along with two more boats full of hunters.

These Hunters do not have any special abilities or unique tactics associated with fighting them. The stronger ones, though, do additional damage to you with their weapons. The Hunters do have new boats, which can be difficult to take down and fight. You can choose to leap up into the air to snatch a Hunter from their boat or go directly for the vessel to tip them, and the others, into the water.

Once you defeat your Hunter, you can choose to continue fighting the regular hunters that show up to continue to raise your infamy rank or swim away. Each Hunter comes with an upgrade that modifies your shark’s body in some way, such as giving it powerful teeth, a new body with a series of passives, and others. You should return to the nearest grotto to equip them to your shark.