How to kill Fia and get the Havoc Slab in Deathloop

Claim the Havoc Slab from Fia.


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At noon on Blackreef, Fia will be hanging out in her studio in Fristad Rock. She’s one of the Visionaries that you can grab the Havoc Slab from, and she’s not that difficult to hunt down and kill at this time of day. This guide covers how you can kill Fia and get the Havoc Slab at noon.

Step 1: Take the easy route

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Once you enter Fristad Rock, there are two entrances for you to choose from. We recommend taking the door to the left and sticking to the path below the road. This path is filled with fewer enemies, and they’re spaced out enough that you can sneak up and kill them silently without alerting anyone. The enemies on the road will be oblivious to your murder spree if you do it right.

Step 2: Sneak through the walls

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Follow the path until it meets with the road. You should see a few enemies dotted ahead of you, a huge sign, and a mannequin holding a gas grenade that’s spurting yellow gas. Kill all the enemies and then stand next to the mannequin. Next, you need to take the small path in the rocks to the right of it. You’ll just about see it because of the green glow that seems to be emitting from the bar beyond.

Follow the path, and you’ll see a bar. There will be two enemies here that you should be able to take out without alerting anyone else. Follow the path beyond the bar around the central pillar. You should be walking through an area that looks like someone dumped loads of stuff in.

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Step 3: Kill Fia

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This path leads inside a facility that houses Fia’s great machine and her studio. There are a few enemies around the area, but you should be able to kill them if you’re slow and careful. You’ll be able to see Fia’s studio up and to the left in this large facility. Make your way inside and kill her before she sees you. This will net you the Havoc Slab, a new high-quality weapon, and loads of Trinkets.

Step 4: Get out

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Now you need to leave this facility. The easiest way is to make your way downstairs to Fia’s huge machine. You can’t miss it. It’s pulsing and has heat waves expelling from the ground around it. Behind the machine is a small gap under the floor. Crouch down and follow it. You need to crawl towards the vent, press the button, and kick the wood out of the way.

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Jump up inside the vent and take the path out. This leads to a small cage that’s armed with lasers at the top. Hack the camera in the distance to prevent it from triggering an alert. Now, jump onto the shelves in the cage to reach the same level as the lasers and disable them. After this, you can hop down into the room.

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Once you’re out of the cage, you can find the plans for Fia’s machine to use in a future loop. These are incredibly useful, so don’t miss them.

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Make your way to the large door on the left. This door should open to a truck that an enemy is playing guitar on top of. Use this route to work your way around to the exit because it’ll hook up with where you’ve been before. It’s also the best path to avoid being spotted, allowing you to keep out of having a huge battle.