How to get more Slab abilities in Deathloop

Expand your horizons.

Image via Arkane Studios

Slab abilities are a vitally important aspect of Deathloop. These powerful abilities will bring dramatic changes to how you can play the game, and players will want to get access to them as quickly as possible.

To do so, you will need to track down the Slabs and collect them during a loop. You will first need to play through the story until the campaign opens up and you start to make your own choices about how to progress. After that, you can open the Arsenal Leads tab at the top of the main screen.

This will give you a list of Slabs that you can go after and will allow you to track them like a mission or quest. You can also get lucky, and Julianna might drop the Slabs if she invades you and you manage to kill her.

You can find all the Slabs, the characters that drop them, and the time and locations that they can be obtained below.

  • The Shift Slab – Charlie or Julianna – Updaam at noon
  • The Nexus Slab – Harriet or Julianna – Karl’s Bay in the morning
  • Karnesis Slab – Alexis or Julianna – Updaam in the evening
  • Havoc Slab – Fia or Julianna – Fristad Rock at noon
  • Aether Slab – Egor or Julianna – The Complex in th evening