How to kill ghosts in Alan Wake Remastered

Fight the darkness.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Alan Wake Remastered doesn’t have a huge roster of enemies for you to battle against, but there are enough that varying how many you face of each type still feels exciting well into the game. The enemy that gives most people trouble is the ghost, so we put together this guide to help you defeat them.

How to kill ghosts

It might sound simple, but all you need to do to kill a ghost is shine a light source at it for long enough. It’s the same as the Taken enemies, except you don’t need to fire a single shot. As a result, ghosts take a lot more light to die. The trouble is, they also inhabit inanimate objects and throw them at you while you’re alive. One even drives a digger at you.

When you’ve got ghosts throwing things at you, dodging is key. First, it helps if you can find a tree or a structure to get between you and the ghost. This way, you can shine a light on the ghost while it tries to attack you, but it should miss if there isn’t a clear path.

Use flares and flashbangs to cause a good chunk of damage to ghosts. They can’t flee like the Taken can, so they’ll continue to take damage while you manage the other enemies you might be facing. It’s always best to save the ghosts until the end of a fight, as long as you have the space to hide from their attacks.