How to kill shamblers in The Last of Us Part II

Learn all about one of the new infected in The Last of Us Part II, the shambler.

Shamblers are one of the brand new stages of the Cordyceps infection that has destroyed The Last of Us Part II’s world. They make their initial appearance during Seattle Day One – The Tunnels. Here is how you can kill these gassy boys and move on with the story.

Tips to kill shamblers in The Last of Us Part II

Shamblers have further evolved beyond the line of Cordyceps infected we saw in the firstĀ Last of Us. The upper part of their body has been entirely surrounded by what looks like vile blisters. These guys unload an acidic cloud around you that will chip away at your health and really make it, so you do not want to be anywhere near them. In fact, there isn’t really any reason to get close as you cannot stealth melee them to defeat them. If you are stuck in a room with a bunch of infected, you might actually want to try and take the others out quietly before trying to take on shamblers.

Any firearm (and the bow) can take out a shambler, but the way they move and how their head is so close to being covered up can make it difficult to quickly and efficiently take them out. If you have trip mines, these are great for at the very least knocking the shambler’s health down. We recommend following up on the explosion with a quick shot from a rifle or a pistol to finish it off. While shotguns are very effective at killing shamblers, you do not want to be anywhere close to them as when they die, they explode, giving off the gas in their immediate area. If you do not have any trip mines, molotovs are a good second choice.

By no means should you even attempt to melee the shambler. If it grabs you, it can hold you tight while the gasses it emits slowly kill you. Do whatever you can to ensure there is at least some distance between you and a shambler at all times.