How to kill Sims in The Sims 4

Insert evil laugh here.

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Sometimes playing an evil entity is a better time. Yeah, you could play The Sims 4 properly by creating a life for your household and progressing them through the day-by-day grind, but isn’t it a little more fun to bring chaos to the table? If you enjoy playing an evil god and sowing seeds of suffering, sometimes you need to cause some pain. Here are a few various ways to kill your Sims in The Sims 4.

Cardiac Explosion

If you have a Sim that easily gets way too angry, you can set them up for death by doing things to make them mad — have them walk in on a partner cheating on them, make enemies by getting into prolonged arguments, or have mischievous Sims play pranks on them. After a while, your Sim will get so worked up that their heart will explode.

Cowplant food

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The Cowplant is one of the more interesting plants in The Sims 4. You can grow one by finding a Cowplant Berry through exploring space, fishing, or looking for treasure. When your Cowplant is fully grown, it will need to be fed regularly. If it isn’t, it will start showing a fake cake. Have your Sim take the bait and the Cowplant will try to eat them. There is a 50% chance that your Sim will live or die when this happens.


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The most notorious way to eliminate Sims has always been to cause them to drown. In the past, all this required was to remove the pool ladder while Sims were in the water, and they would eventually tire out. In The Sims 4, they don’t need the ladder to get out, so you will need to build a wall around the pool to prevent their escape. Speed up time and wait, and eventually, they will tire out and fall beneath the water.


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The electrocution method is for Sims with low Handiness skills. If you tell them to repair a broken down piece of electric equipment like a television set, there is a chance they will be electrocuted. Repair an additional item to get electrocuted again, this time with dire consequences. This does require broken-down equipment to be around your place. If you have the Seasons expansion, you can also get struck by lightning and die.


Exhaustion is more of a way to kill off elderly Sims. If your Sim has youth, they can keep going until their energy bar runs out and they will pass out wherever they are. That being said, if an elderly person keeps doing activities that require effort, they will eventually get a status of “Dangerously Tired.” Have them continue a strenuous activity (“Woohoo” is great for this), and they will expire.


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Like in real life, fire is a dangerous entity that can spread and destroy many items on your Sim’s property. It can also cause your Sim to meet an early end. The most likely way to catch a Sim on fire is to have them cook with a low cooking level at a cheap stove or grill. If another Sim doesn’t come to extinguish the flame fast enough, they will die.

Improper clothing

If you have the Seasons expansion, you can expect a bunch of new weather conditions and clothing to keep your Sim both comfortable and safe in that weather. That being said, if you wear heavy winter clothing during hot weather, you can overheat them. In contrast, you can set them up to freeze to death by wearing light clothing during winter.


If you have ever felt you might die of embarrassment, don’t worry. You might not do that in real life, but your Sim actually can. If your Sim has a combination of bladder failure in front of another Sim, walks in on someone going to the bathroom, or is embarrassed during a conversation, all of those factors can add up to them dying on the spot right there.

Old age

It doesn’t matter how healthy your Sim is and how well you look after them. Just like in real life, at some point, the Grim Reaper will come for them.


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Just like real people, Sims need food to survive. If you cut your Sim off from any food for a couple of days, they will eventually fall over dead. There isn’t much more to this; just trap them in a room with no access to a refrigerator, and they will die once their hunger bar is completely empty.