How to Leave a Clan in Warframe


Clans are a vital part of Warframe for most players. They give you access to research, Labs that provide weapons and blueprints, Warframes that you cannot get through other means, and the recent addition of the Dry Dock and the mighty Railjack battleships.

As important as they are to the core experience of Warframe, sometimes you need to move on. Perhaps that Clan you are part of is just not very active anymore, or maybe some internal politics has impacted your enjoyment of the game. Perhaps you and some friends want to start your own and call the shots.

No matter the reason why sometimes you will have to leave a Clan in Warframe. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Open up the main menu
  • Scroll to Communication
  • Scroll to Clan
  • Search for your name on the member’s list
  • Right-click on your name, then select “Leave Clan.”

And that’s it; you are now a Lone Tenno. You will lose access to the Clan you were in, and the Clan Logo Emblem for that Clan. If you are planning on starting up a new Clan, you will be starting from scratch. You will need to build all the labs, rooms, the Dry Dock, and do all the relevant research required to fill them with useful items.

If you are planning on joining another Clan, you can head to the Recruitment tab in the in-game chat, and you will always find lots of great Clans advertising for new members.