How to leave a clan in World of Tanks

Leave your clan behind to join another.

Image via Wargaming

Many of the online games you play with friends always feel better when you’re partnering in a group and participating in those battles together. In World of Tanks, you can work together with your clan to plan your strategy and achieve victory with far more coordination than if you were to play by yourself and a bunch of random people. If you’re involved in a clan and want to part ways to join another, there are some simple steps you need to take to drop it.

When you want to leave your clan in World of Tanks, you need to first log into your account on the World of Tanks website. Once you’ve logged into the website, proceed over to the ‘my clan’ icon underneath your account name. You can find this at the top right portion of your screen. When you click the ‘my clan’ icon, you’ll go to your clan’s profile page.

After you reach the clan profile page, go over to your screen’s left side and look for a bar with horizontal bars. Click on it, and you’ll open up an expanded menu, with the ‘leave clan’ option right at the bottom. Press this option only if you wish to leave your current clan, and there will be a notification option for you to confirm this choice.

Once you do, you will leave the clan you’ve been playing with in World of Tanks, and you can now join another one.