How to legally change your name in BitLife

Become a new person with a new identity.


Image via Candywriter

Sometimes when you run into trouble in BitLife, you may want to feel the urge to start over and begin a new life. You have the option to do this without having to make a new character. There’s an option to legally change your name to turn your character into someone else, providing you a bit more assistance in avoiding the law.

To legally change your name you can find this option underneath the activities tab. You should be able to see it over the top of the nightlife tab. The amount you pay to change your name legally will vary depending on where you live at the time. You can have this process denied.

Changing your name does not change too much in BitLife. The name at the top left section for your character does become your new option, and everyone will refer to you as that formal name moving forward. You can do this when you have reached the age of 18. This helps you avoid the law if you move to a new country or are attempting to avoid charges against you for doing dangerous crimes. Alternatively, your name does change after gender reassignment surgery.

It’s a quick request, and changing your character’s name happens within the same year as the request.