How to level classes beyond level 10 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Level up your character classes when the time is right.

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Every class you unlock in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 allows you to reach a maximum level of 10. When you get this point, the game suggests that you swap to another class, giving your characters the chance to learn other Arts and Skills to add to their overall loadout. However, there is a way you can level these classes beyond this level. Here’s what you need to know about how to level classes beyond level 10 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to increase class rank beyond level 10 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This option becomes available as you progress through the story and make your way further in the game. You have the chance to do this when you reach chapter 7, which will be roughly 40 to 50 hours after you start the game. You will not unlock access to these advanced ranks before this point. They will be available in side quests, similar to how you unlock the regular heroes and their classes for your party members.

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If you’re trying to find opportunities to do this, our best recommendation is to focus on the story and try to advance this plot. This will give you access to more areas, more challenging monsters, and more side activities where you can level your party members and give them the chance to advance as many class ranks as you’re willing to teach them. It makes your characters more customizable by giving them unique Arts from each class and weaving in more unique Fusion Arts for combat.

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We highly recommend battling the Elite Enemies you can encounter in the wild. These foes and the Unique Monsters give you a massive boost of EXP at the end of a battle, which you can use at your camp to level up your characters. Although this does not increase their class rank, it means they can find more challenging combatants and potentially advance the story easier.