How to level up Karts, Gliders and Drivers in Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour is filled with all sorts of karts and drivers, and you can level them up to improve their bonuses. Doing so will keep you competitive as the tours progress and become more difficult.

How To Level Up Your Drivers And Karts

To level up your drivers, gliders and karts, you need to use tickets. From the main menu, click on either drivers, karts, or gliders. From there, select the item you wish to level up. You will need the appropriate ticket, depending on if you want to level up a driver, glider, or kart.

Tickets can be obtained as prizes from some of the tours, or by purchasing them in the shop. Using a ticket will then level up the item in question.

Leveling up drivers will increase their chances of starting a Frenzy. Frenzy mode is when you get three of the same items in your three item slots at the same time. This will make you temporarily invincible, and give you unlimited use of the item for a short time.

Leveling up your kart will increase the number of bonus points that you earn, making Grand Star farming easier with that kart. Leveling up your Glider will increase your combo time.

Leveling up will also increase your Action Points for each driver, kart and glider. Action Points are added to your stage score. As you use drivers, karts and gliders in races, you will also increase your Action Points based on the position you finish.