How to level up fast in MapleStory

Get to max level in MapleStory with our fast-leveling guide!

Leveling is the name of the game in MapleStory, the free-to-play, MMO-RPG. As with any game of its kind, the leveling in the game can be a tricky thing. There are plenty of options for worlds and monsters you can take on to gain EXP, and finding out which ones are the best takes a lot of trial-and-error. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that as we have figured it out for you!

We have made the grind easy by giving you the best places and monsters to tackle, getting you to level 275 as fast as possible.

Before we begin with the guide, though, we want to run through some things that you can use to help with your grinding even more:


These items will help speed up the process but are not required for the leveling process. Some are harder to obtain, and some won’t be available until level 100, but if you can use them, they can have an impact.

Hyper Teleport Rock

This rock can make the process go by faster as it allows you to teleport to any map, making the switch a lot faster. You can buy this item from the CashShop for 5,200,000 mesos for one day’s usage.

Monster Park Potions


These potions will provide your character with a strong buff for 30 minutes and be obtained by doing the Daily Monster Park game (Level 100+). These buffs can be applied to your attack speed, magic attack, or even your EXP gained.

New Leaf City Potions

These potions will buff your attacks meaning that you can defeat more monsters in a shorter amount of time. You can buy these from Miki for 5,000 mesos each, and they will last 8 minutes each.

Legion EXP Coupon

You can spend any Legion Coins you have on these coupons, which will give you double EXP for 30 minutes.

MVP Atmosphere Buff

These kinds of buffs are rewarded to players who spend money in the game, specifically around $300 over 3 months. But you don’t have to be an MVP in order to gain these buffs, as they apply to everyone in the map, meaning that another player can help you get that +50% additional EXP. Many MVP’s will announce in the chat to come to a world to get the buff.

Link Skills

After hitting level 70, your character will be able to unlock useful “Link Skills,” which you can share with other players. You can have up to 12 skills, and we have the ones that will help the most with your leveling process.

Elven Blessing

Gives 10/15/20% EXP. It requires a Mercedes level of 70, 120, and 210.

Rune Persistence

Increases the duration of Rune’s 2X EXP buff by 30, 50, 70%. It requires an Evan level of 70, 120, and 210.

Combo Kill Blessing

Increases the amount of EXP you get from Combo Orbs by 400%/650%/900%. It requires an Aran level of 70,120, and 210.

Mechanics to Take Advantage Of

There are plenty of mechanics in MapleStory that you can use to increase the amount of EXP you gain:


After hitting level 30, Runes will spawn on your map every 15 minutes. Using these will give you 2X EXP for 2-3 minutes. You can use the Evan Link skill to increase this duration.

Burning Maps

Maps at level 100+ can have a “Burning Map” effect, which will increase the amount of EXP gained from any monster. The effect will slowly decrease as you defeat more monsters, so you can jump to another channel to find another, higher burning map.

Pollo and Fritto & Inferno Wolf

These are events that can pop up when you are training and can net you some additional EXP. They’re not usually worth going through when you are under level 100.

Leveling Guide

With those out of the way, it’s time to get to what we’re all here for: the way to get to the level cap as fast and efficiently as you can!

Levels 1-10

For the first ten levels, simply doing the tutorial will get you through.

With those out of the way, it’s time to get to what we’re all here for: the way to get to the level cap as fast and efficiently as you can!

Levels 10 – 23

Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3

Flaming Mixed Golem
HP: 350 – EXP: 39

Levels 23 – 30

North Forest: Green Tree Trunk

Curse Eye
HP: 650 – EXP: 50

Levels 30 – 42

Garbage Dump: Shaded Dump Site

Dumpy Hoodlum
HP: 2800 – EXP: 95

Levels 42 – 45

Abandoned Offices: Mr. Hazard’s Lair 2

Hazard’s Mean Crony
HP: 4200 – EXP: 124

Once you are Level 45, you will want two of the themed dungeons to get to Level 60. The dungeons will scale to your level, so feel free to do them in any order. Each one will get you around 10-13 levels.

You can start these quests from the Quest Notifier on the left of your screen.

Levels 40-60

Ellinel Fairy Academy

Quest: Ellinel Fairy Academy

20-30 Minutes

Riena Strait

Quest: Get it Strait

20-30 Minutes

Gold Beach

Quest: A Golden Opportunity

20-30 Minutes


Quest: Anne’s Plea for Help

20-30 Minutes

Now, you’ll be going back to going to specific worlds and fighting specific monsters for training until Level 200.

Levels 50 – 60

Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land

Wild Boar
HP: 8,000 – EXP: 187

Levels 60 – 75

Swamp: Silent Swamp

Copper Drake
HP: 16,000 – EXP: 302

Levels 75 – 83

Aqua Road: Red Coral Forest

HP: 46,000 – EXP: 684

Levels 83 – 100

Sunset Road: The Desert Of Serenity

Dark Sand Dwarf
HP: 90,000 – EXP: 1,188

Levels 100 – 110

Daily Boss


Levels 110 – 123

Ludibrium: Toy Factory

Master Robo
HP: 362,700 – EXP: 3055

Levels 123 – 135

Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance

Moon Bunny
HP: 684,450 – EXP: 4,996

Levels 135 – 145

Korean Folk Town: Goblin House

Yellow King
HP: 1,087,800 EXP: 7,352

Levels 145 – 170

Kerning Tower: 2F Cafe <3>

Enraged Espresso Machine
HP: 1,531,800 EXP: 9,752

Levels 170 -190

Daily Boss


Levels 190 – 200

Twilight Period: Forsaken Excavation Site 2

Sinister Rocky Mask
HP: 12,632,600 – EXP: 59,075 (153,122)

Once you have reached Level 200, you will gain access to Arcane River, where you will spend the rest of your time leveling.

Arcane River is divided into different areas, with each area having prequests you’ll need to complete to gain access to them. The area is level-restricted and will need you to possess Arcane Force. You can obtain this by doing the daily quests in each area. Without enough Arcane Force, your damage will be reduced. On the other end, if you have 50% more than needed, you will do 50% more damage.

Levels 200 – 210

Cave of Repose: Below the Cave

Tranquil Erda
HP: 55,019,400 – EXP: 118,598

Levels 210 – 230

Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths

Angry Flyon
HP: 129,519,600 – EXP: 265,808

Levels 230 – 250

Arcana: Cavern Lower Path

Befuddled Spirit
HP: 300,065,600 – EXP: 446,505

Levels 250 – 255

Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5

Dark Construct
HP: 591,261,000 – EXP: 640,971

Levels 255 – 275

Limina: End of the World 1-5

HP: 666,329,400 – EXP: 710,121

Congratulations, you have reached Level 275! Not too bad, right?

We hope this guide made it, at least, a little easier to grind. And feel free to play around with locations and enemies if you run into trouble with any of the ones we have listed here.

MapleStory is available now on PC.