How to level up fast in Monark

There are multiple ways to get spirit.

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Like any other RPG, stats and abilities are a major factor in your performance throughout Monark’s story. Level grinding is common practice in the genre though, the way you access this function is more obscure than its contemporaries. If you can’t figure out how to level grind in Monark, our guide is here to help.

Acessing the game’s optional, repeatable dungeons neccessitates meeting the right requirements. You can only access them in the mist and while standing beside Vanitas. With both of these requirements out of the way, you’re free to pull out the phone.

Navigate to the call menu, then tab over to contacts. Every number that shows up in your contacts is a different dungeon that scales as the story progresses. Calling the number transports you to the dungeon attached to it. New dungeons are added to the contacts menu as you progress through the story.

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Dungeon layouts and completion rewards remain the same, but subsequent trips randomize other elements. Enemy placement, obstacles, and enemy drops can change. These dungeons can be repeated endlessly without consequences.

Even if you amass high amounts of MAD, nothing stops you from leaving the mist and heading to the infirmary to clear your MAD meter. Failure also shouldn’t be much of a deterrent because retrying battles and dying doesn’t result in losing any progress.

In addition to achieving high battle rankings, there are a few other ways to acquire spirit, this game’s version of experience points. For starters, any item and vessel can be dismantled by Vanitas in exchange for spirit. We recommend investing in the main character’s drop rate passive. After a few fights, you should come away with extra items in addition to unnecessary vessels, which are only dropped from defeated enemies.

This is important to keep in mind because in order to stop a death call, your objective will involve shattering a crystal, which doesn’t require killing anyone. Then again, you’re able to rush to the crystal, then repeat the dungeon to kill enemies.

Another way to gain spirit comes from the game’s trophy/achievement system. Monark’s PlayStation trophies and Steam achievements are mapped to in-game trophies, with each trophy unlocking a different reward. Of the 47 trophies, 11 of them grant spirit. Some are tied to story completion, whereas others are acquired through specific actions such as donning a full set of vessel gear with skills. After meeting the trophy requirement, you must open up the achievements menu to claim your reward.

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