How to level up fast in Roblox Demonfall

Be the strongest there can be, quickly.

Image via Roblox

Sometimes you just want to get to higher levels in a game as quickly as possible. In Roblox DemonFall, higher levels bring badges and other rewards, so naturally, you might want to speed up the process of acquiring those goodies. Follow one or all of the methods in our guide to find out how you can speed up your own leveling journey.

Method 1: Killing Rui

During the Slayer story missions, one of the final ones involves going into the forest to find and slay Rui, the bandit leader. However, on your own, you can only complete this mission once. But there is a way around that. If you create an alt character and have him reach the Rui mission, you can invite your main character to the group and use him to kill Rui and gain the experience points. And to rinse and repeat, just have your alt leave the server during the fight, so it can have access to the quest over and over again for your main to farm. Rui gives 500 XP per kill, so that’s a stable way to farm levels.

Method 2: Killing Zenitsu

Zenitsu is a special demon boss located northeast of the Okuiya Village. You will need to have the Sakura Passage open to access him. The benefits of killing Zenitsu are that he is infinitely respawning, meaning you don’t have to find ways to fight him multiple times. He provides 300 XP to Demon Slayers who down him, but Demons can benefit even more because there is a quest that involves him that they can pick up from Muzan, which brings the total XP for them to 700 for the first kill. Granted, Zenitsu is not the quickest farming method but is certainly the most reliable.

Method 3: Demon Farming

One of the most efficient ways to farm XP in DemonFall is by killing demons. It might not be the most interesting, but if your goal is to get to max level as fast as possible, this might be the quickest route. Demons like to spawn in dark areas, so naturally, you will want to look for caves to make this method as efficient as you can. It’s a great way just to take some time away from missions and grind out levels by killing the infinitely spawning enemies. This method works especially well for Demon Slayers because they can combine it with different missions requiring them to kill demons, thereby gaining even more XP in the process.