How to level up Hero Challenge Cards in Marvel’s Avengers

Earn new cosmetics for your favorite playable characters in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers is the latest example of a game taking the games as a service model and providing its players with new content as it expands. One way this title does this is by the use of hero challenge cards. This is essentially Crystal Dynamics’ way to work in a battle pass system.

How Hero Challenge Cards work

Every playable character in the game (both at launch and ones added in the future) will have their own hero challenge card. Each card will include unlockable cosmetics, emotes, and finishers as you progress through them.

The six launch heroes will have their challenge cards unlocked for free, but future characters added to the game will have their cards cost $10 in the game’s currency. It should be noted that completing other hero’s cards will give you free credits that can be used towards the DLC cards.

You will unlock your first hero challenge card about two hours into the campaign mode, but the method for unlocking each tier is never fully explained.

How to level up Hero Challenge Cards

There are two ways to increase your hero challenge card tier:

Buy your way through the levels

Every level you buy will cost you 100 credits. This equals about a dollar for each level, and with each character having their own respective challenge card, you may want to save money, so we recommend doing the following approach.

Daily and weekly challenges

When you are on the Challenge Card tab, you will notice daily and weekly challenges at the bottom of the screen. This is the primary way you are going to level up your card. Each hero will have their own weekly and daily challenges, so if you clear the specifications for one hero you love, be sure to explore what is available for others.

As of this writing, these are the only two ways to move up tiers in your hero challenge cards. Be sure to explore what is available each day, but do not feel overwhelmed in having to complete the cards in a timely fashion, as they are not set on a season time limit like other battle pass systems tend to be.