How to level up heroes in Warcraft 3: Reforged

Heroes are a essentially part to Warcraft 3: Reforged, and you need them to become more powerful

Heroes are potent units available for every faction in Warcraft 3: Reforged. The stronger they become, the more spells and skills they have available for them to become a fearsome force in your army. You want to focus on quickly leveling up your heroes to have them bash through enemies and start causing trouble. 

You want your heroes to start exploring the map when you build up a sizeable fighting force capable of protecting them and helping them in a battle. You may need about five to seven additional units to support them, and this number will increase as you face stronger opponents. At the start, you want to focus on expanding your base and taking out the weaker creeps hanging around nearby with your hero and your smaller units.

It take practice to accurately gauge how many units you need to take with you to fight specific creep camps. You don’t always want to take a massive army to fight them, but you need to think about how to take them out effectively. Some creep groups have healers. Others have mighty units that prey on any damaged units in your group and find the weakest ones they can easily take out. Plan your approach accordingly, but make sure you don’t overstretch your army.

Taking out these creeps is going to provide your hero with a decent amount of experience points at the start. But you can’t rely on the regular units you find hidden throughout the map. These can only last you until the hero becomes level five. At level five, the hero no longer receives any experience points from fighting regular creeps, and they can only gain experience points from fighting other player units. 

After level five, you should have your hero roaming around the map with a decent entourage to ensure they always have back up. When they encounter enemy units, take the fight to them, and when your hero looks like they’re about to perish, try to get to them to run away. It’s far better to have casual units die than losing your hero. While they do not lose their level, it sets you back a good chunk of time and gold to bring them back.

Although creeps can provide suitable loot for your heroes, after level five, make sure you use lower-level heroes to take out creeps. When you use a higher level hero, they only gain the new loot, not any experience points. You’re better balancing between two heroes for experience points, and when they become powerful enough, adding a third to your army. Leveling heroes take a bit of time, but with enough support, they can become exceptionally strong.