How to level up in Super Auto Pets

Ever heard the legend of the Level 3 Bee?

Image via Team Wood Games

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There are two ways to level up in Super Auto Pets: upgrading pets and upgrading tiers. However, both aspects of the game are very different, so it’s important that players know how to play around them. After all, who doesn’t want the thickest Rooster they’ve ever seen in their life?


To level up your pets, the process is fairly simple: you just buy extras. But let’s break that down. So, say you start the game with two ants in your shop. You buy both and put them on your board. Then, at the next shop, you get a third. To make a Level 2 ant you just have to place each ant on top of one another. Three ants should make a level 2. To make a level 3, though, you need six more (nine units in total). For example, a single Dog can be a pretty potent early unit, but a buffed, level 3 Dog? That can take you all the way to the 10 victories you crave.

Another useful tool in helping you level your pets up is Chocolate. Chocolate is an in-game item that adds the equivalent to one unit to your stack, getting you one step closer to a level 2 or 3 pet. Chocolate can make or break the game sometimes, giving you the powerhouse pet of your dreams. It also helps ease the pressure of Super Auto Pets’ inherent probability game in its shops.


There are also different tiers for your board, where you get different and/or more units offered in your shop based on what level you are. But how do you increase that level? Well, there isn’t much you can do to change that. You upgrade to new tiers the more rounds you play and, specifically, the more you win. Ergo, be careful to build safe early builds so you can level up and get to higher-tier pets like Tigers, Scorpions, and Dragons.