How to level up your battle pass in Halo Infinite

Earn rewards through the Halo Infinite battle pass.

Image via Halo YouTube

There will be several seasons of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, and each season comes with an iconic battle pass where you’ll be able to earn specific cosmetics centered around the theme of that battle pass. If you miss a battle pass, you can always jump in and start leveling up one of the previous seasons rather than playing the current one. But what’s the best way to level up the battle pass in Halo Infinite?

The only way to level up your Halo Infinite battle pass is to work through the daily and weekly challenges presented to you on the challenge page. The daily challenge will be one you finish every day, and the weekly challenges are available for the rest of the week, giving you a full seven days to finish them all. You receive additional daily challenges after completing your current one, with additional XP.

Each challenge awards you battle pass XP, with the weekly challenges offering you 200, 250, or 300 XP, and the daily one gives you 100 XP.

You can increase the amount of Battle Pass XP you earn by applying boosts. You can earn twice as much if you use a double XP boost or gain 250 XP with an XP grant. Both are suitable methods to increase your Battle Pass XP quickly, but the double XP boost could be wasted if you don’t use it in a match that you know you’ll receive the XP.

You can always use a Challenge Swap consumable to swap out a challenge you don’t want to complete.