How to level up your camp in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Expand your camp for more benefits and rewards in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

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Your camp in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will be where you interact with your party members, train them, and rest between battles among other activities you can do to better prepare for your next mission. You can slowly level it up to receive additional benefits during your campaign, but there’s a specific thing you will need to do if you want to get those benefits. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to level up your camp in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Increasing your camp level

Your camp level has to do with your facilities and how many expansions you’ve added to them. Adding more expansions to your camp will get you closer to your next camp level. You can refer to the Facility Management page to see how many expansions you need for the next level.

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The best way to expand your facilities is to conquer the smaller territories before reaching the chapter mission. For every territory you control, there will be small locations to survey and collect valuable resources from, which you can take back to camp and use on your preferred facility expansions. In addition, each expansion offers a passive benefit, such as expanding the Blacksmith will allow you to repair your weapons or increases the effectiveness of any Might or Durability upgrade you make.

Expanding your camp will take time, and advancing through the campaign is the best way to find more resources. We also recommend regularly checking back with the Supply Master to see if they found any resources following your battles, as they receive fewer resources compared to the survey locations you can discover.