How to level up your characters in Star Renegades

Growing powerful.

Star Renegades

Image via Raw Fury

How far you get in the rogue-lite RPG game Star Renegades will boil down to your characters. The more powerful they become, the more damage they can dish out, and survive. There a couple of important mechanics tied to leveling up, so in this article we will run through some important things you need to know.

How to level up

Level Up

Characters level up using DNA that you can find in the world, or earn from battles. There is a shared pool of DNA available, and all characters will have different level up costs, based on their current level. You will normally only manage to level up one character a ta time, unless you sit on the DNA you have collected.

Make sure you explore any sites you come across, and open various crates and boxes, as you never know what they might contain. You can also pick routes on the overworld that contain lots of battles, to increase your chances of getting this useful reward.

What does leveling up do?

Leveling a character will give them extra health, can unlock new abilities, and might even net you a card you can use when at a Camp. More importantly, it will allow them to use higher level gear.

Gear can be found in grates dotted around the world and will offer important benefits in combat by buffing certain types of attacks and damage. As such, it can be a good idea to hold some DNA in reserve, in case you need to suddenly level up a character for a piece of gear that will work very well on them, but not on another party member.

This needs to be balanced against the fact that each time you take a spin through a new reality (it is a rogue-lite, don’t forget) your levels will reset. As such, it is a constant game of choices and then living with your decisions.