How to link a Madden 22 account to Twitch

Looking for drops?

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Madden 22 is here, and that means a chance to unlock new rewards from playing, and getting some drops on Twitch. Madden regularly runs streams on its EA Madden Twitch channel, and users can receive drop rewards just by watching. However, you will need to link your EA Madden account to your Twitch account, or otherwise you won’t be able to receive any of the rewards. If you need help with this process, let’s go over what you need to do.

To link a Madden 22 account to Twitch, you will need to have an EA account. If you don’t, make sure to go to its website and create one. Then, ensure that your EA account is linked to the PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag that you have your Madden 22 account on.

From there, go to Sign in to Twitch if you haven’t done so already, and do the same for the EA account. If necessary, enter any security codes and then log in to both.

Once you do both and click the Twitch linking URL, select Yes, link them. This will allow EA to connect both of your accounts. To make sure that this worked, go to your Connections in the Twitch settings. You should see Electronic Arts listed in the Connections.