How to listen to private messages in Tears of Themis

Get a nice message from your husbando.

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Tears of Themis features over 100 cards that display one of the four bachelors in the game. Each card has a type, three skills, and a few extras, such as little stories. When completed, unlockables can include a call or a series of text messages from the guy. One of the Rookie Tasks the game has for you is to listen to a private message, another type of extra that only a few SR cards in the game have. The cards that have private messages are:

  • Luke Pearce “Together with You”
  • Luke Pearce “Once Upon a Time”
  • Marius von Hagen “Falling with You”
  • Marius von Hagen “Butterflies”
  • Vyn Richter “Spilling Light”
  • Vyn Richter “Entrapped”
  • Vyn Richter “Morning Glory”
  • Artem Wing “Staying Humble”
  • Artem Wing “Darkest Before Dawn”
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During the tutorial of the game, you will have pulled one of these cards from the gacha. Now, if you want to listen to any of the private messages, you’ll need to fully evolve that card and level it up to Level 70. Evolution requires Stellin coins and two types of Chips: one would be the Chip type in which that card is (Logic, Intuition, or Empathy) and the other being the Chip type that is tied with that character on the card (Luke’s Vision Chips, Artem is Equalization, Marius is Infinity, and Vyn is Mind).

You can collect these chips by completing debates or study levels found in the X-Note menu. Leveling up just requires you to have Stellin coins and Oracle of Justices, which again can be obtained in the same way. Once you complete both of these requirements, click on the Private tab to listen to both private messages.