How to lock on to enemies in Psychonauts 2

PSIch yourself up for battle.

Image via Xbox

Psychonauts 2 will put you into thrilling combat scenarios that need your undivided attention. To be pinpoint precise, you’ll need to lock on to enemies to make sure every hit counts. It doesn’t need a lot of intelligence, but this is how to do it.

Once you’re in combat, you can begin the lock on process. Press the right analog stick to focus on one enemy. The camera will be set on that subject until you press the right stick again to lock out of the enemy. You can also tilt the right stick, either left or right, to change your target. Using this focused perspective lets you figure out when to dodge incoming attacks and when to strike in an easier capacity. You can roll by pressing the B button (or circle on PlayStation consoles).

Flying enemies are particularly annoying to deal with. To get a steadier aim at the foe, press the right stick and then use your ranged psycho abilities like pyrokinesis or marksmanship to take them down. Early in the game, you’ll be striking down the Tooth Fairy with this ability.

Another bonus is that a health bar appears above their head. This will help you figure out an opponent’s weakness. For example, you can determine if an enemy is weak to fire by using your pyrokinesis ability and seeing if the green bar depletes drastically.

Now, you should know how to handle yourself in combat, intern. Good luck with your psychic adventure in Psychonauts 2 and stop evil from winning the day.