How to Lock On to the Monster you want to fight in Monster Hunter Rise

Stay focused.

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Image via Nintendo

Monster Hunter Rise is all about taking down giant beasts, and when it comes to combat, landing your shots is much better than whiffing them. To make combat a little easier, then is something of a lock on mechanic in the game.

This doesn’t work the same way it does in other games, so it might take some getting used to. In the top right of the screen, you will be able to see an icon for the major monsters in the area.

You can press the right stick on the controller to lock on, then use the left bumper to cycle between the monsters. The monster that you are locked on to will have a gold border around it.

To make this a little more interesting, your choice of camera will also matter a lot. The camera style can be changed in the menus:

  • + Button
  • System Settings
  • Options
  • Camera
  • Camera Style
  • Pick Target Camera, Focus Camera, or Do Not Focus Camera

Focus camera will work to keep the camera centered on the monster that you are locked onto. This will be the closest to the tradition “lock on” mechanic that most players will be looking for if they are new to the game. It will essentially make the monster easier to hit, but makes it harder to pay attention to your surroundings and other monster that might be in the area.

Focus camera allows much greater environmental awareness, but you will need to hit the L button to recenter the camera on the locked on monster from time to time, or quite often in very busy fights. This camera style would be very confusing for new players, and definitely takes some getting used to.