How to magnify/zoom in on a map in Sea of Thieves

No more squinting at your screen.

Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios

Maps in Sea of Thieves are notoriously tough to read, with tiny text for island names that can strain even the healthiest of eyes. Thankfully, the game has a solution to this problem by allowing players to finally zoom in on items in their inventory like tools and maps. If you’re struggling to figure out how to do this, here are the simple controls to let you zoom in and out of maps in Sea of Thieves.

How to zoom in on maps in Sea of Thieves

Image via Sea of Thieves YouTube Channel

Yes, we’re all very excited about the new captaincy update in Sea of Thieves Season Seven, which allows players to create their own logbook to record their crew’s deeds. But the update also came with several smaller updates that can help make the game more fun for players. Some of these are simply cosmetic, like being able to carry your stools around, but one of the better quality-of-life updates is the ability to zoom in on maps, notes, and logbooks that you’re holding.

The input to magnify your view on the note or map in your hand will depend on the control scheme you’re playing the game with.

  • Xbox controller – Click the right stick when holding a map
  • Keyboard and mouse – Click the F Key when holding a map

You can zoom out on the map by clicking the same key. This is a great feature for those playing on smaller monitors or whose eyes have trouble spotting the smaller details on maps. If those inputs don’t work for you and your control scheme, you can always change them via the game’s settings.

The first time that players equip a map or Quest Book following the Season Seven update, they’ll be shown a tutorial on this new zooming function so no one should be in the dark about it.